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Blog of the Space Center INTA-Torrejón

In this blog the engineers of the Space Center INTA-Torrejón talk about the missions operated in the center, of Ground Segment and space SAR engineering, including the science activities of PAZ mission.

You can contact us in paz_ciencia@inta.es and vegace@inta.es

Launch of PAZ Science Phase     Copiar enlace


PAZ Science Activities website publishes today the first Announcement of Opportunity that establishes the beginning of PAZ Scientific Exploitation Phase.

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CEIT Blog     Copiar enlace


Welcome to the blog of the Space Center INTA Torrejón. In this blog we talk about the operations, applications and peculiarities of the activities that we carry out in our center, where we host the Ground Segment of the remote sensing missions PAZ and INGENIO, the Characterising Exoplanet mission CHEOPS, as well as the center of backup of the meteorological mission METOP.

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