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SCI-277 Conference 'Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction'


Conference circle organized by the SCI (Systems Concepts and Integration) group to be held at: Escuela Politécnica del Ejército (Madrid), 21-22 May 2018 / Netherlands Aerospace Center - NLR (Amsterdam), 24- May 25, 2018 / Training Center SAAB AB Linköping (Sweden), May 28-29, 2018 / National Research Council Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), June 19-20, 2018.

The STO is the largest international organization dedicated to cooperation in defence I + T, with more than 5000 experts from NATO countries and allied nations, where an average of 175 activities per year are carried out.

The set of collaborative I + T activities carried out in STO are promoted and managed from the Technical Panels. Each of these panels deals with a specific technological area, and together they cover the full spectrum of defence-applied technologies. In this case, the conferences are made within the panel: SCI (Systems Concepts and Integration): Concepts Panel and systems integration. Its mission is to promote knowledge regarding the concepts of advanced system, engineering and technologies along the spectrum of platforms and operating environments to ensure certain capacities in the different mission areas with a good cost-effectiveness ratio. In this panel, as a specific work group the FT3 (Flight Test Technology Team) is framed, with the following missions:

- To spread information through the Publication of Agardographs on Flight Testing Technology, obtained from the experience that supports the development of critical Concepts and Systems for the maintenance of NATO’s operational and technological superiority.

- To provide an open forum for discussion within the NATO community of Flight Testing technologies. To identify and distribute teaching opportunities through symposiums, short courses, technical conferences, etc.  

- To serve as a Focal Point for the Flight Testing topics with the SCI panel, while at the same time ensuring the vitality and continuity of NATO’s Flight Testing experts community.SCI-277 conferences are included as one of the activities of this group. 







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