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New antenna calibration service with ENAC acrreditation


On January 25, 2019, the accreditation commission of the National Accreditation Body, agreed to extend the scope of accreditation No. 16/LC10.007 in the terms set forth in Technical Annex Rev. 12.


With this new Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC), INTA will be able to undertake the calibration of ANTENNA FACTOR of various types of antennas in frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 40 GHz. This is the first accreditation of INTA for Calibration in the field of radiated radio frequency. Thanks to this accreditation, it is possible to offer calibration services to electromagnetic compatibility and antenna measurement laboratories that require them, with a wide range of offerings and an uncertainty typical of a metrological centre such as INTA, with third-party recognition of technical competence with international validity. This new service therefore allows not only internally ensuring the metrological traceability of the Institute's electromagnetic compatibility tests, but also providing an improved calibration service to organizations and companies in the civil and defence sectors.

This has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the general subdirectorates of Space Systems and Coordination and Plans of the Institute, allowing a fruitful coordination of the calibration activities of the institute under the direction of the Metrology and Calibration Centre, responsible for ensuring the metrological traceability of the results of the Institute's measurements and tests.

This accreditation of the INTA, means, the use of the synergies and singular capacities of the Institute in its performance as the metrological laboratory of the Ministry of Defence, after the integration in the INTA of the technological centres of the Ministry.