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Argentinean Base Vicecomodoro MarambioMarambio Multidisciplinary Antarctic Laboratory

The Argentinean Base Vicecomodoro Marambio is located in Seymour Island, over the South side of Erebus and Terror Gulfs, in Weddell Sea. The Base is built on a fourteen km length and eight km wide plateau, 200 meters obove sea level. It is 3.600 km far from Buenos Aires and 2.800 km from South Pole. The base belongs to the Dirección Nacional del Antártico. INTA holds a Research Agreement with DNA for atmospheric studies since 1993.

Measurements: O3 and NO2 total columns all year tound.

Aim: Research on Polar Stratosphere and its relationship with the ozone depletion phenomena

Deployed Instruments: EVA Spectrometer (DOAS), NEVA Spectrograph (DOAS)

Data available: O3 and NO2 column (since 1994) to date.

PI: Margarita Yela (

Data manager: Margarita Yela (

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