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POLAR project

POLAR project

POLAR is a multidisciplinary project devoted to support monitoring and research activities in the frame of ozone and ozone related compounds, UV radiation and aerosols in polar regions and their connections to lower latitudes. It includes infrastructure, man-power and routine maintenance to be in position to develope specífic R+D+I projects. main objectives are:

  • Acting as a frame for all R+D+I actions at INTA related to Atmospheric research.
  • Assuring observatories operativity. (Infrstructures improvment, communications, transport, etc)
  • Asuring the instrument operativity (Operators training, Handbooks elaboration, equipment revisions, etc)
  • Improvement of deployed instrumentation (new technologies, software updating, automations, etc)
  • New Instrumentation development
  • Assuring data quality (QA/QC)
  • Instruments data files revision on a routine basis
  • Routine calibration
  • Intercomparations between similar instruments and standards
  • Intercomparations with alternative instrumentation from satellites and orbiting instruments validations
  • Analizing, interpretation, report elaboration and publications (evaluation and mathematical analyses of level- 0, inmediate integration in data bases, interpretation in the frame of the physical-chemistry of the atmosphere and global model analysis