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Classification and identification of non-cooperative aerial targets by means of high resolution radar

  • CAD modelling of aerial targets.
  • Synthetic database generation of aerial targets for identification purposes by means of software predictions.
  • Radar signal processing: high resolution range profiles and ISAR images.
  • Design and evaluation of classification algorithms.
  • Development a novel identification methodology with a synthetic database.

Electronic Warfare (EW) in the field of radar

  • Active EW

- Study of the vulnerabilities of radar systems.

- Design, development and verification of jammers for active countermeasures, specially for small air platforms with low cost, low weight and low power requirements.

- Design, development and verification of active decoys.

- Study of the vulnerabilities of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), specially GALILEO and GPS.

  • Passive EW

- Evaluation, design and optimization of the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of complex targets by means of:

- RCS evaluation and geometrical optimization of aerial targets by software predictions.

- Measurement and prediction of the RCS of electrically small targets.

- Design, optimization and measurement of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS).

- Design and evaluation of Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM) for reducing the RCS of military platforms.

- Electromagnetic characterization of materials via the determination of their complex permittivity and permeability.

Research & Development on related technologies

  • Software defined transceivers for high resolution radar and jamming.
  • Electromagnetic measurements with a multi-purpose anechoic chamber.
  • Validation of RCS simulation software tools.

Technical support in the field of radar, detectability and electronic warfare to other INTA projects and dependencies, and to external agents as the Spanish MoD and other governmental organizations or private companies.

Participation in international groups and forums for these technologies, specially the RTO-NATO and GALILEO task groups.