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RLS Operation

RLS Operation

The Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS) will operate on-board the ExoMars2022 Rover Module to perform Raman spectroscopy on Mars samples acquired by the Rover´s drill.


  • Ground station and Communications Network: Direct communications with Rover during cruise and via an orbiter (nominally the TGO) during surface operations.
  • Mission Operations Control (MOC) Centre: ESOC (Darmstadt).
  • Rover Operations Control Centre (ROCC): ALTEC (Turin)
  • PPL Science Operations Centre (SOC): embedded in ROCC. ALTEC (Turin)
  • RLS Operations Centre for tactical processes: INTA (Madrid)
  • RLS Operations Centre for strategic processes: UVa (Valladolid)
  • ExoMars Science Archive: PSA at ESAC (Madrid)

During surface operations, 2 main Operational Processes will be performed in parallel:

Strategic process: Analysis and selection of the most promising science objectives for RLS (e.g. next sample to be analyzed, next target site on the Mars surface). This process will be executed at short, mid and long term.

Tactical process: data analysis of the downloaded RLS data and definition of the next (one-two sols) activities to be executed by RLS. This process will be executed at short term, about 4-5h, depending on the communication windows with the orbiter(s). The RLS Activity Plan will be merged with the rest of Plans (from the Rover platform itself and the other instruments) to reach the final Plan to be uploaded to the Rover, always taking into account the resources availability.