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Proyecto SAMPLE IV – Seguimiento del proyecto


El proyecto SAMPLE IV, coordinado por INTA y financiado por EASA, es una iniciativa de investigación que se enfoca en evaluar las emisiones de motores de aviación con un empuje menor a 26.7 kN. A través de varios ensayos en diferentes motores, este proyecto pretende aportar datos para mejorar las normativas relacionadas con la medición de emisiones en motores de aviación.

The SAMPLE IV Project is a research project funded by EASA and coordinated by INTA. This project assesses the emissions from turbofan and turbojet engines with a rated thrust below 26.7 kN by carrying out different measurement campaigns. Results obtained in the Project are devoted to improving the standards related to emission measurement in aircraft engines. SAMPLE IV has a solid and experienced consortium formed by Cardiff University, University of Manchester, Zurich University, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Rolls-Royce. Currently, SAMPLE IV Project is in the midway of the second specific contract, and it is a good moment to summarise the main activities performed.

Among the activities carried out in the framework of the SAMPLE IV project, the following can be highlighted: i) calibration of different measurement instruments (particle mass and number) to quantify their drift uncertainties and thus develop improvements in calibration protocols, and ii) literature review and emissions assessment of different engines in several European airports. This activity has led to the selection of engines to be tested for emissions.

In September 2023, the University of Manchester and Cardiff University led an engine test campaign with a Honeywell ALF502/LF 507 turbofan engine in Hawarden. In this campaign, novel approaches for non-volatile particle matter (nvPM) mass and number sampling and measurement were included.

On the other hand, two more experimental campaigns will be performed in the SAMPLE IV Project. The first one will be carried out in Cardiff with a TP331 engine, and the other one will take place in Madrid (INTA) with a PW127G engine. These tests are scheduled for July/September 2024 and October/November 2024, respectively.

To conclude, the work carried out in the SAMPLE IV project has been presented in different International Meetings, such as SAE E31P Meeting or ICAO WG3 Meeting. These communities are responsible for developing new standards for measuring pollutant emissions from aircraft engines. Further results from this project will also be presented at future meetings of this kind.