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The ICTS-PAI infrastructure consists of facilities and equipment which, depending on their location can be grouped into:

Airborne segment. Includes aircraft, onboard scientific instrumentation: probes, sensors, detectors, etc., airborne consoles for control, monitoring, pre-processing and registration of all data, and all of the auxiliary modules needed to perform the data acquisition campaigns: power supplies, racks, stands, mission communications systems, etc.

Ground segment. Consists of a base situated in the Rozas Airborne Research Center (CIAR) located in Rozas aerodrome, Lugo, that features all the required aviation infrastructure in order to ensure aircraft safe operation: operations control centre, runway, taxiways, platforms, hangars, air navigation aids, etc. In addition, it is also planned to install the facilities required to support the activities of the ICTS-PAI, such as laboratories, workshops, offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, additional halls, etc. The ground segment also includes fixed and mobile instrumentation needed to acquire complementary field data to those taken from the air: weather station, instrumentation for the calibration data and sensors maintenance, modules for the analysis and validation of data, etc.

The data obtained by PAI instrumentation are often complex and unique in their format, structure, measured variable, measurement technique, etc. INTA in association with the PAI staff provides necessary support to exploit and interpret the data generated in order to extract useful information.