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Testing centers

There is a total of 8 testing centers:

  1. Rozas Testing Centre for Unmanned Aircrafts (CIAR) in Castro Rey, Lugo
  2. Cuadros Testing Center in Cuadros, León
  3. "General Marvá" Laboratory of Army Corps of Engineers (LABINGE) in Madrid
  4. Radioelectric Evaluation and Analysis Center (CEAR) in Guadalajara
  5. Flight Experimentation Tests for Aircraft Certification in Chauchina, Granada
  6. Airbus A400 Development Efforts in Seville
  7. Center for experimentation of aerospace vehicles and atmospheric research (El Arenosillo) in Mazagon, Huelva
  8. Torregorda Testing Centre (CET) in Cadiz


Mapa location INTA test centers


Rozas Testing Centre for Unmanned Aircrafts (CIAR)

 Telephone: 913 917 117

Email: ciar@inta.es

 Location Castro de Rei, Lugo in Google maps

 CIAR official website (www.ciar.es)

facilities CIAR INTA


Cuadros Testing Centre (León)

The Leonese installations of Inta are located in what was the old powder keg of the Army in the municipality of Cuadros. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out research or certification related to thermal shocks, altitude or vibrations for both the civil and military fields.

 Telephone: +34 620 630 563

 Email: gonzalezcc@inta.es (Celso González)

Main entrance Cuadros Centre


"General Marvá" Laboratory of Army Corps of Engineers (LABINGE)

In this center work is carried out directly related to construction, infrastructure, construction materials and illegal works within the scope of the Ministry of Defence.

 Location: Calle Princesa 38, Madrid


Instrumentation LABINGE INTA


Radioelectric Evaluation and Analysis Center (CEAR)

CEAR is a unique facility for high power real emission testing of radar and electronic warfare systems. In addition to carrying out R&D activities in its field of knowledge, the center also provides technological services to companies.

 Telephone: +34 913 762 246

 Location: Ctra N-320, Km 271 (service area) - Guadalajara

 CEAR Services

Facilities CEAR INTA

Antennas CEAR INTA


Flight experimentation tests for aircraft certification (Granada)

Technical center located at Granada airport to carry out flight experimentation tests for aircraft certification.

 Telephone: +34 915 201 856 // +34 958 245 268

 Location Granada Airport Highway A-92 (towards Seville) 18329 CHAUCHINA (Granada) in Google maps

Flight Experimentation Test Center INTA


Airbus A400 Development Efforts (Seville)

 Telephone: +34 915 201 856 // Avenida Garcia Morato, s/n, Seville

Facilities Airbus A400 Seville INTA


Center for experimentation of aerospace vehicles and atmospheric research (El Arenosillo)

Research center whose main lines of activity are aimed at research into renewable energies, research in the upper atmosphere, especially the ozone sphere, and collaboration with the Armed Forces and military units of other countries to provide support with the trajectory analysis of missiles and experimentation with unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as "drones"), trans-Mediterranean balloon campaigns and the homologation and certification of missiles. It has also served as a base for sounding rocket launches.

A few kilometers from CEDEA is what will be the future Center for Testing, Training and Assembly of Unmanned Aircraft (CEUS). The CEDEA-CEUS joint will become the best European Center of Excellence for Unmanned Systems (Drones) and an international reference for experimentation with unmanned vehicles.

 Telephone: +34 959 208 800 // +34 959 208 814

 Email: infocedea@inta.es

 Ctra. San Juan del Puerto Matalascañas, Km 34.100, 21130 Mazagón, Huelva

 Services El Arenosillo

El Arenosillo CEDEA

Composition of CEDEA INTA 300 B rocket entry


Torregorda Testing Centre (CET)

 Telephone: +34 956 209 800

 Email: torregorda@oc.mde.es

 Location Via Augusta Julia S/N, Cadiz in Google maps

Torregorda INTA

 The updated environmental policy of the Torregorda Test Center can be consulted on the Environment site (medioambiente.inta.es, section "Section Certified Centers").