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Few examples of high temperature corrosion issues in industrial applications

Ponente: Aurélie Vande Put. Associate professor at Toulouse-INP.

Fecha: Jueves día 28 de abril de 2022. De 10:00 a 11:00 horas.

Seminario presencial en Sala Hall de Dirección Edificio H01, INTA, Torrejón de Ardóz.



The influence of material composition and microstructure and the effect of the operating conditions (gas composition, total pressure, gas velocity…) on the resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation of metallic materials will be illustrated through various examples:

  • model materials to study Pt diffusion at high temperature,
  • commercial austenitic chromia-forming alloys suffering from volatilization under oxidizing and water vapour rich environments,
  • commercial austenitic chromia-forming alloys subjected to metal dusting,
  • titanium based alloy in oxidizing environments for long durations at high temperature.

Aurélie Vande Put is an associate professor at Toulouse-INP since 2010. She teaches at INP-ENSIACET - Toulouse Graduate School of Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Material, and Industrial Engineering - and realizes her research activities at CIRIMAT, the Interuniversity Center of Materials Research and Engineering. She carries out research activities on high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance and protection of metallic alloys. She has worked on various materials: protective coatings, thermal barrier systems, Ni-base superalloys, Ti-base and FeNiCr alloys, for aeronautical and chemical applications. She has studied their durability in different atmospheres, such as air or oxidizing environments with/without water vapour (whose presence favours the volatilization of the protective chromia scale) and in more complex environments, leading to the alloy degradation by metal dusting.