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ExoMars Raman

This blog is related to the Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS) on board the ESA Exomars’ Rosalind Franklin Rover. RLS, developed at INTA facilities, is one of the three main scientific instruments who will study the martial subsoil in situ.
Keep in touch by email:  ExoMarsRaman@inta.es

Lunar Resources Determination – An ESA’s Challenge     Copiar enlace


In May 2021, INTA-CAB and GMV agreed to present a joint proposal to the ESA call “ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge”, which consisted of developing a robot capable of autonomously navigating, ...

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Countdown to Mars for Perseverance     Copiar enlace


Just a few days away until NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars. The Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter are part of the Mars2020 mission, NASA's most ambitious mission to search ...

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RLS EIS (Electrical Interface Simulator) new delivery     Copiar enlace


The RLS (Raman Laser Spectrometer) instrument EIS (Electrical Interface Simulator), is a GSE used to verify the operating systems of the different payloads of the Rover Rosalind Franklin of the ...

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1st Meeting of the SIGUE-Mars Research Network     Copiar enlace


During last 21st and 22nd January, the first meeting of the SIGUE-Mars Research Network (Science and Instrumentation for the study of (bio) geochemical processes in Mars) took place at the ...

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RLS science meeting: exploring the possibilities of the instrument     Copiar enlace


During the past week, the science meeting of the Raman instrument team (RLS) of the ExoMars mission was held. ...

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